The New Bhisho Contact Centre (2018)


The New Bhisho Contact Centre – (2018)

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The New Bhisho Contact Centre – (2018)

The “Contact Centre” is the first phase and forms an integral part of a suggested first Node in the Bhisho Revitalisation developments. Positioned at the intersection of the R63 and Link Road, it is highly visible as an architectural signpost. It holds the potential for being an entrance gateway to Bhisho, together with the existing Bhisho Massacre Memorial site and proposed future Contact Centre Phase 2.

The “Contact Centre consists mostly of lettable Conference and Meeting spaces, which double up as Exhibition spaces if or when needed, with a small permanent Exhibition area. Supporting facilities such as a small Café with a kitchen area which can be used for catering purposes and indoor and outdoor entertainment and rest areas are provided design and artwork, all contributing to this becoming a destination node.


At ground level the building forms an extension to the development of the Bhisho Massacre Memorial, taking the concentric design of the memorial gardens into consideration. Through the implementation of an expansive plaza, outdoor entertainment spaces along with information plaques etc. were created, all in line with the design of the current development on site.


The building on ground level takes a circular form, with a contradicting rectangular shape presenting itself in the planning, once inside the building. The vertical circulation point is situated right at the entry point of the building, with the entrances on either side, forming the edges of a triple story void / natural ventilation stack system.


The circular form continues on the first floor. Both levels are enclosed with a continuous glazed curtain wall, which is offset from the floors. The second floor form changes from a circle to a more elongated oval shape, allowing a greater usable floor area. The entire Level is screened off with an external floor to roof timber louver system, to provide a solar shield.


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Bisho Contact Centre Pg 3

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