Velile Nyanda

Velile 2018

Velile completed his course in Sales and Marketing in 2001 at Damelin (PE-Walmer) while working at the Walmer Library as a Librarian assistant. It is at the Walmer Library were Velile developed his skills with people and accumulated a wealth of knowledge in deferent arrears of life through Librarian research.


In 2004 Velile finished his course in PC Repairers and Upgrading by that time he was working at Mecer Computers as a telesales person. Velile then applied to work at the technical department in Mecer Computers; where he worked himself up from an assembler, IT consultant then to an onsite IT technician. Through these years Velile’s skill and knowledge of computer grew to a higher level.

From 2007 till present Velile joined NOH Architects working as a System Administrator. Velile’s work is intensely focused in working with people, maintaining computers hardware, bids and tenders also managing company data.

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